It welcome and invite all people to experience the Peace of Jesus in the power of the Spirit. It create new Christ way according to the signs of the time, where all generations can find their home in the Catholic Church, thrive in faith, and live out their calling as faithful disciples of Christ's Peace in the world.

Living the life of Christ who is our Guru (Master). PMC members as walk along with our Blessed Mother as Jesus walked with her to the HEAVENLY FATHER.Listening to the voice of God Turning inwardly to Christ at every moment, and by taking advantage of an opportunity to intensify this union with God.We, the temple of God – 1 Cor 3:16: God dwells in each one of us and PMC members respect everyone and try to experience Him in others; at the same time, respect oneself and know God the Father more closely.We areinstruments need to have PEACE makers: Christ brought peace to the world and PMC bring peace first in onelf and then share the same Peace of Christ with our neighbors

PMC, being a Secular Institute, carry the Word of God in their hearts, in their minds, and in their actions. Living and preaching the Word of God is their life. They receive their fulfillment of the ministry entrusted to them. The Eucharist and Peacebuilding become the Centre of their life. It gives direction to carry out their mission. The PMC strongly believes in the teachings of the Church and faithfully follows the directives of the local Episcopal Conferences. They base their Spirituality on reading the Word, listening to it, meditating on it, and moreover acting upon it individually and collectively as a community. We try to practice the word of God in our Daily life in the small little ways possible. Every PMC, while spending a minimum of one hour of Meditation every day will faithfully follow the Liturgy of the Hours. Daily examination, of Conscience, is faithfully practiced. A day of Recollection every month along with Confession and an annual Retreat of six full days strengthens the commitment of every PMC.


"Growing contagious followers of Jesus and paving ways for the Church of the future". 

Rooted in the Catholic Diocese of Tombura-Yambio with a unique role in the universal Church, we are a Secular Institute all-in One, lead Catholic community whose mission is strengthened by the Eucharist, inspired by the Saints and guided by the Church's ongoing teaching.

Recognizing Catholic Universal / Local / Eucharistic / Ecumenical Spirit our connection with all Christians in 'one Lord and Spirit', we are committed to collaboration with a variety of groups and ministries in the body of Christ.

"There is one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who is over all, in all, and living through all." – Ephesians 4:5-6


Our Mission "To welcome and invite all people to experience Jesus' Peace in the power of the Spirit". We create ways where all generations can find their home in the Catholic Church, thrive in faith, and live out their calling as missionary disciples in the world. Our Core Values Catholic Baptism!

PMC as chosen instruments of God, want to place ourselves entirely at his disposal. GOD gives us the confidence that he will manifest his victory through our helplessness and use us to carry out his mission.

PMC ministries and all of our activity for the mission, however is underpinned by a rhythm of personal prayer, community life and support - the domestic church lived out week-by-week in our relationships, homes and families. That's where the gospel is lived.


"Living the Word of God with Blessed Mother Mary"

Our love for the Blessed Virgin Mary is expressed in the spiritual life of the individuals and the community through a variety of Marian exercises such as renewing the consecration, praying the rosary, visiting a shrine of Mary, reading about Mary, etc. In the Home shrine, we consecrate ourselves to Blessed Mother.


The Charism of PMC is "Witness to Christ through His Peace"

Following the paradigm of Christ who came to earth to do the Father's will in all things, PMC helps its members to rely on the action of the Holy Spirit who alone can form in them the filial attitudes of docility and availability to the will of the Father and to witness Christ in all the way possible.


  • To surrender totally to the holy will of God the Father renouncing our own will.
  • To follow our Lord Jesus Christ to love God and man
  • To be open and yearning to be filled by the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit and to be guided by Him
  • To imitate Our Lady of Peace, the Patron of PMC to humbly accept the will of God, and to surrender our total self to it.
  • To follow the Holy Gospel and to spread it to every nook and corner of the world
  • To recruit, and form men and women as pious, sincere, dedicated, and hardworking priests and nuns
  • To recruit and form lay people as worthy and promising Associate Members
  • To work towards the holistic development of people irrespective of their faith, nationality, race, caste, or gender
  • To establish Peace of Christ through equality and justice

PMC Tree

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